Metabolic Syndrome

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

9 Oct 2017

When you think about liver disease, what cause pops into your mind? Alcohol? Viral hepatitis? Drugs? Genetic? Autoimmune? While all of these can cause liver disease, the most common liver disease in America and the world over is not caused … Continue reading

Obesity Reversal: Eliminating “Watery Fruits and Vegetables”

1 Oct 2017

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and is now spreading to much of the world as well. Obesity is nothing new however. It just affects so many more people than ever before. I just finished reading a … Continue reading

Daily, Excess Fruit As Unhealthy As Other Sugars

16 Jun 2013

When I wrote my book Fructose Exposed I received criticism from people who told me that fruit is different from other fructose-containing sources such as table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, honey and the like because it was “natural.” We … Continue reading

Moderate Amounts of Fructose-Containing Beverages Quickly Change Metabolism

31 Mar 2013

High fructose corn syrup and soda pop in general have taken a lot of heat over the past decade because of the rising weight of America. Some argue that the youth of America is consuming large quantities of this sugar … Continue reading

Is Metabolic Syndrome Now a Better Predictor of Heart Disease?

17 Jan 2013

For many years now there have been six risk factors that have been considered the “Gold Standard” for identifying persons at risk for developing heart disease. These have included: 1) high blood pressure, 2) diabetes, 3) family history of heart … Continue reading

Primary Sources of Fructose?

17 Jan 2013

If you read my stories for any length of time, you will grow to understand a great deal about fructose as well as many other subjects that I believe are very important for you to take better care of yourself … Continue reading

Fructose and Metabolic Syndrome

27 Nov 2012

I was called by one of my favorite referring physicians the other day and he wanted to know about a comment that I had made to one of his patients.  I explained the comment and he retorted, saying “I thought … Continue reading

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