Obesity Reversal: Eliminating “Watery Fruits and Vegetables”

1 Oct 2017

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and is now spreading to much of the world as well. Obesity is nothing new however. It just affects so many more people than ever before. I just finished reading a fun book written in the 1850’s by a French Doctor, Francois Dancel. My book was translated into English in 1973. It was titled: Obesity, or Excessive Corpulence: The Various Causes and the Rational Means of Cure. He was a prominent Parisian Physician during the middle of the nineteenth century and found a rational cure for the obesity problem affecting the upper class people of France in his hay day as a physician.

It was assumed that the logical way to reverse obesity at that time was to eat lots of “watery fruits and vegetables” and avoid meat and fat. Sound familiar to the last twenty five years of advise from the Nutrition gurus in America. It doesn’t work now and it didn’t work then. Dr. Dancel reasoned that since fats and sugars are made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen while protein is made up of nitrogen as well as other elements, and that we can’t store nitrogen in any meaningful way, we should forego “watery fruits and vegetables” and consume meats if we want to lose weight. He was highly successful in treating royalty, upper class society and political figures using his scientific diet of high nitrogen-containing meat diet and avoiding “watery fruits and vegetables.” He would guarantee success in seeing results of weight loss in less than two weeks if the patient was faithful in following his instructions.

Here we are in 2017 and I am advising my patients to do the same thing. I advise them to give up carbohydrates for about three weeks and if they do so they are rather successful in reversing metabolic syndrome and central obesity that accompanies their medical condition. Dr. Dancel lived in a time when blood tests, molecular biology and biochemistry were unknown, but he reasoned quite correctly that animals, including us humans, who live on a protein diet are not obese. He certainly was an outcast for some time in Paris before his success stories began to be noticed because of the prominence of so many of his patients.

Today, we are told to consume a dozen or so servings of carbohydrates (watery fruits and vegetables) and to keep meat, saturated fats and eggs to a minimum. Perhaps the powers that be who are advising us should review history as they clearly are out of touch with the consequences of excess consumption of “watery fruits and vegetables. America consumes far too many carbohydrates to be utilized in a given day and the excess is stored as fat. This leads directly to obesity. It takes a great deal of effort to wean down from excess carbohydrates for several reasons that I won’t delineate here. But, if you are overweight, especially in the belly, you need to fast from all carbohydrates for up to three weeks to allow closure of the metabolic syndrome gate that is preferentially converting sugars to fat. Once you fight your way through this carbohydrate craving and close the metabolic gate, you can then add back greens and pick a “treat” day once a week and you should continue to lose those excess pounds. Good luck; it is a challenge to close the gate.
Dr. Lyons