Trans Fats? What are they?

24 Nov 2012

When I ask people what is a Trans fat the standard answer is that they are bad for you.  But that does not answer the question.  True, they are bad for you but what are they?  Trans fats are vegetable oils that have been placed in a pressure cooker, heated and then mixed with a chemical under heat and the pressure.  This causes a reaction to take place and the oil undergoes a change in its molecular structure.

This new Trans molecule is now a fat that is quite resistant to decomposing while most other oils become rancid in a much shorter time period.  This fat also has excellent properties that enhance shelf life of processed foods as well as make for better stove top cooking and baking.

The problem with these fats is that they are now linked to heart disease and cancers.  What is worse, the grocery store food label is misleading.  A food product can say zero grams Trans fats per serving so long as there are less than 500 mg per serving.  The important thing to remember is to check out the ingredient section to see if there are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats present.  If so, they contain Trans fats and you should find an alternative food to consume.

I have written a book about this subject.  If you would like to know more, read 42 Days to a New Life.  This book helps you to understand omega-3, omega-6 and Trans fats; where they are found; their importance in health and disease and how to correct the fat imbalance in your diet.  See links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Xulon Press.